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Co-op Electrical Discounts

Coop Electrical Shop is a UK online retailing company that specializes in electricals. Its headquarters is in Manchester. The Coop Electrical Shop, also known as the Cooperative Electrical Shop, houses a large collection of electrical appliances varying from home to workplace, school, restaurant and bank. The company is your go to site for electricals with a world class standard so you don’t have to worry about quality. Coupled with this is a reliable company warranty policy that takes care of contingency so everyone is happy.

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About Co-op Electrical

The quality of partnership in any endeavor is somewhat a determinant in achieving success that is why Coop Electrical Shop chooses only well-known brands as partners in its bid for excellence. This is also because of trust as customers would what to purchase from companies with more years of producing quality products and services. Little wonder Bosch, Kenwood, Beko, and Welling have been ubiquitous on the company’s online platform. A workforce of over 10,000 employees is not just a stat, the Coop Electrical Shop is committed to offering the best electrical services there is for the value of money so customers can gladly come back.


Coop Electrical Shop is owned by the Cooperative Group, simply known as the Co-op, a multi-dimensional UK based consumer co-operative. The group offers retail services of food, insurance, legal and funeral care. The giant group enjoys the reputation of being the largest consumer network in the United Kingdom with a membership of over 4 million shareholders.  The Group’s history is quite long and rich having been established around 165 years ago by the merger of several independent wholesale and retail societies which later evolved to a major retailer. It goes without saying that Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers which was founded in 1844 initiated what the company is known to be today. In 1863 the North of England Co-operative Wholesale Industrial and Provident Society Limited was established in Manchester by 300 independent co-operatives in Yorkshire and Lancashire. This marked the beginning of the Group’s full wholesale operation. In 1872 it was referred to as the ‘Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS).

The Group grew to own stores across the UK and later Europe to be one of the biggest Co-operations around. Over the course of its history, it has witnessed many changes and organizational structural changes but its values are very much preserved. 

The Coop Electrical Shopping experience

You know what they say about a trial?! The customer experience on will do better than merely convincing but will overwhelm you as well. For the state of the earth electrical appliances, you will be spoilt for choice on the e-commerce site as there is a wide range of wares that might not be found on other retailing platforms. Whether it’s a free standing cooker, refrigerator, washing machine or a LED TV you can get them on the site at affordable prices. Furthermore, as a result of its reputation as the world’s largest consumer co-operative, the company buys products directly from the manufacturers in large quantities so as to cut cost. Hence customers enjoy low-cost deals for the best of products and services. In the case that you cannot find an item on the website, you can reach the sales advisor via phone or an email for information regarding that. 

Old appliance removal service 

The company offers old appliance removal service at a cost of £14.99. It is important to note that only unplugged, disconnected and neat old appliances can be removed. An appliance removal service can be requested in the course of ordering a new one. This echoes the environmental consciousness of the company. 

Warranty policy

Every product on Coop Electrical Shop has a stipulated warranty cover but it is slightly altered for products acquired on commercial premises. An extended warranty cover can also be purchased. The company offers both 3 and 5 years extended warranty cover at low prices to ensure maximum satisfaction. The company’s warranties are provided by the Corporate Support Solutions Ltd and are tailored for owners of electrical products. A customer can receive his or her warranty policy 90 days after receipt of the item. 


The rapid delivery service makes the company’s deliveries extra fast which allow customers to choose the specific date they want an item. For every other product, the company is poised to deliver within 7 days from confirmation of acceptance of an order, dependent on availability. The customer service team will contact the customer for information on when an item is bided for arrival. Check the site for delivery charges and time. 


Customers have the option to cancel an order and return the buy if they are not completely satisfied with the product purchased. An order may be canceled within 14 working days of delivery and you can request a refund or an exchange even though the package has been opened for the check as long as the good is not damaged. In the case of mishandling on the path of the customer, there will be a deduction from the refund for the loss of value of the goods supplied. 

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