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Currys Discount Codes

Henry curry the founder of CURRYS started his carrier by building bicycles full time at 421 Juno Street Leicester England. The company was officially started in 1897 where Curry in cooperation with his sons named the company C.Curry and sons. By this time the company was selling toys, radios and bicycles. But soon in 1932 the Leicester factory was closed and Curry closed the cycled manufacturing. The British electrical retailer, Curry is a British electrical retailer, is operating in the UK and Ireland. The speciality of this store is the electronics and household simple as well as built in appliances. In total they have 295 superstores and the major 73 high street stores.

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About Currys

The Currys is a brand that deals with all the electronic appliances which are used all over the world (Some smaller stores are also operating under the Currys Digital brand). These appliances include Kitchen Appliances, Televisions, Cameras, and Audio, Computing other computer accessories, Phones and smart tech. They have different tabs at the top of the website. Kitchen appliances is on top of the list it includes Laundry, Dishwashers, refrigeration and further more a large range of built in cooing appliances. The brands which are affiliated with the kitchen appliances are AEG, Bko, Belling, Bosch, Grundig, LG, Samsung and Siemens these brand need no introduction as they are one of the most reliable and trusted brands of the world and yet they are linked with Currys  as this is one of the most popular electronic entertainment store of the world. Then it’s the TV and entertainment tab which includes wide range of TVs gamming consoles projectors and much more to look at. The brands which are available here are LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, Panasonic and JVC. Following TV its Cameras that attract most of the people now days so here you go Currys collection of interchangeable lenses of DSLRs is one of the best things to see on the website the range is adorable. Then there are camcorders, digital cameras CCTVs and other photography accessories. We can also see HI-FI audio systems, headphones, Radios, home audio systems, portable audios, iPods and Sat Nav in the tab with the name audio. Computing and computer accessories can also not be neglected. It got a wide range of desktop Pc , laptops , printers , led and other accessories such as networking cables, connectors, Laptop bags , covers as well as components and upgrades. 

It’s not possible to talk about each and every tab and to leave the phone category this is the most exciting tab as they provide us a wide range of smart phones including the top brands of the world with low cost and original and reliable cell phones. This includes sim free phones, Google tabs and phones and all the verity of apple brand side by side they also provide us by accessories of phone like phone covers, glass protectors and original chargers. The last tab is of smart tech which includes smart watches and drones the smart tech portion is a bit dull but they are working on it to further improve it.

These all accessories are available at other branded stores as well but what is the factor that attracts its customers here. One of the factors is there unbeatable prices of the brands to which they give platform. It’s the claim of the curry’s that no one can beat them at the most low prices all over the world but is it enough for customers to get attracted to no not at all there must be other reasons as well. Let’s give an over view. The curry provide free delivery on all orders all over the world, free collections from over 800 stores all over the world plus they also provide the laptops and pc setup ready to use for you . You don’t have to buy it and then spend hours on setting it up but you get it all done. They also install your TV and other built in products when they deliver on their own risks.

The thing that is loveable about this brand is there self-confidence they claim that 96 percent of their customers come and shop again from here which is a very big claim.

Tech talk blog is another opportunity where different people talk about tech with the help of which curry’s improve themselves. The mobile app is also good and can be used all over the world by android users as well and apple users and can order anything just by sliding and the touch of one finger. The mobile app can help you find the stores as well as before you order you can see the verity as it helps the customer to make his mind. It is a time saver for the customers.

Though currys is no doubt working very efficiently but some aspects can be further improved like the smart tech portion can be improved as the verity in smart tech is very low and the items should be increased to attract the customers eye.

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