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Great Magazines discounts
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Great Magazines Discounts

‘Great magazines’ is a brand-led, magazine subscription company Owned by the Bauer Media Group. It is a privately owned publishing group. It is also Europe largest publishing group and a multi-platform media organization. The group is a global media enterprise. Offering magazines (over 300) in 15 countries, it focuses its interest in radio, television, magazines, online. Great magazines publish magazines Like Closer, Empire, Heat, Car, Today’s Golfer, Grazia, and Angling Times in the UK. The company website is Great magazines newest product is the ‘digital magazine subscription’.

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    About GreatMagazines

    Great magazine is a trusted magazine subscription company with 3 magazine subscriptions you can select from .this gives you a chance to enjoy magazines wherever you go. The company has almost the largest database of magazines online. It is an exclusive guide to world media sources. You can easily find stories on online via this platform. This magazine subscription is also an excellent choice of gift for a loved one. You can download magazines on your mobile device with the company’s newest digital magazine subscription. The digital magazine subscription has the same contents as the print magazine but it’s cheaper and also offers an interactive experience.

    There is also a double package of both print and digital subscription that you can get at the fraction of a complete price.

    You will definitely find just what you're looking for and more.  Your questions and comments are welcomed. Simply send an e-mail to

    Shopping on great magazines

    You’ll be able to browse different magazines on the company site. You can also check out the special offers and various payment methods. The sale and purchase of magazines for commercial use, reselling individual magazines or subscriptions is strictly prohibited. Your subscription may be cancelled as a result.

    Magazines and listings are categorized and also subcategorized by topic, for example; whether entertainment, business or arts. The magazine section is properly arranged by key subject matter so you can read on any topic with ease. You will find lots of magazines on this site than anyone can read in a life time.

    The various Categories include: women, entertainment, motoring, sports, hobbies, puzzles, single issues deals and so much more. Browse any of these categories and you will get more information on various magazines.

    Delivery information

    Many magazine subscription companies charge a ridiculously high amount for delivery of your purchase but at Great magazines delivery is free of charge within the UK. So paying an extra meager amount to buy your subscription from the company might be worth it if you are comparing prices with other magazine subscription suppliers. There are also free gifts that come with many great magazines’ subscription. 

    A popup of an offer of 10% and 20% discount code for your purchase appears on your screen if you are leaving the company website without purchasing anything. Just type your email into the box to get this code. Newsletters sent to your e-mail can be cancelled by unsubscribing once you have used the promo code. You should always pay through direct debit as this is cheaper than debit card, paypal or credit card. You will also be asked how often you’d like to be charged through direct debit for some magazines. Pick the annual payment. This saves you more money. You will get a free digital trial for your mobile device or your tablet if you’ve got a traditional paper magazine subscription with the company.

    Return policy

    You don’t have to worry about cancelling a magazine subscription when it expires as a notification will be sent to you asking if you still want to go on with it. If you stop payment your subscription will be automatically cancelled. With direct debit you need not worry about when your next payment is due. Once the direct debit agreement is completed and also accepted payments will continue to be taken until you cancel the agreement. No refunds will be made once payment has been collected. In a case where an early cancellation is made, the company holds the right to ask for the return of any gift(s) included.

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