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Marks and Spencer Discount Codes
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Marks and Spencer Voucher Codes

Marks & Spencer is a multinational British company based in London. The company was opened in 1884 when Michael Marks started a stall in Leeds, with the slogan ‘don’t ask the price, it’s a penny. It is also known as the first British company to make a pre-tax profit of over £1 billion In 1998, M&S have 852 stores throughout the UK, as well as many international stores; 52 outlets in India, 48 outlets in Turkey, 37 in Russia, 27 in Greece, 17 in Ireland, 14 in France, 11 in Poland, 6 in Hungary and Finland and 5 in Spain.

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About Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer the Brand which try to keep its customers always happy and alive with a large range of products which include not only the clothing of women men and kids like all other multinational brands but also include a vast range of households which includes home furniture as well. Side by side M&S also entertain its customers with large range of food and vine; this means that somebody is attracting the food lovers from around the world. Ah!! How can we forget is it your birthday, are you going on a date, or it’s your parents weeding anniversary all the gifts you want all the flowers you want you can get here. The most interesting thing about this brand is that it facilitates its customers all under one roof so u don’t have to rush to different stores for different items. The thing that we cannot ignore is the offers and the special discounts they give on all of their products during Christmas. As far as the brand review is concerned the thing that should be kept in mind that its 1 of the top 10 brands of the world that is highly recognized and it always try to satisfy its customers and make them compete in the fashion world.

The women tag includes clothing, footwear, bags and accessories in which it covers different other brands as well. As far as the man tag is concerned it includes Suits and Formal wear, clothing, shoes and other accessories. If someone ask me about the brand review that all these items are included by other brands as well why M&S the answer would be which other brand tries to catch the customer eye by introducing the gadgets panel in their website, yes!! M&S produces a large verity of gadgets as well which include the vast range of tech from smart watches to drones and a wide range of smart toys that would help in grooming of your kids.

Then comes the kids tag and it includes each and every item for kids clothing and accessories from age 1 to 16, school uniforms, night wears, party wears, shoes and much more. One of the most interesting things about this brand is its furniture and home products that include bedding, bathroom, cooking and dining, home furnishings, home accessories, and other furniture.

M&S is upto many new social projects under an umbrella of PLAN A. Plan A consist of many different projects such as M&S ENERGY, Spark Something Good and Love food Hate Waste, of which M&S ENERGY is going very well. 

Enough with the brand review, let’s see what discount codes and other facilities are provided to us by this brand. But first off all let’s put some light on the mobile app of M&S. The mobile app can be found on play store for android users and on icloud for apple users. We can easily download it and use it for different purposes, they have divided their categories like for cooking and food lovers there is a mobile app cook with M&S further a very good step indeed M&S provide free service for their customers so that it’s easy for them to choose what they want thus , they launched your shape wear finder and your style advisor that helps people to get to know about their size and to know what is perfect for them here they can get recommendations and also its saved in the database so whenever you log in again the system already knows what were your preferences to improve your shopping experiences. At one place the shape wear tells you the perfect shape of your body your size and about your curves and on the other hand style adviser lets you create your own designs with your perfect match colure and size.

Moreover M&S gives free delivery if you spend £50. While if you have sent a gift to any of your close ones you can easily track your package as well by simply entering your code number. Here customers have one more big advantage of free returns of the products you bought but within 35 days. The procedure is simple you just have to fill up a form and tell the reasons which if possible can be resolved.

Discount codes are available during Christmas and other big occasions but free return offers do not apply on it.

M&S is no doubt a very good brand but many people strongly disagree to it as they have many issues regarding the food and vine items and there services at different stores but my experience says that no doubt errors and faults are everywhere but they can be solved and it’s not a tough job for a brand like M&S to resolve it.

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