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MOO Offers

MOO is your online go-to place for print and designs of Postcards, business cards and lots more. Right from its creation, it has outdone itself has a success not just in the country but globally too with its unique cutting edge output. MOO utilizes modern technology to produce one of the finest print products helping it stand like the Gibraltar against the tide of competitions even from across the Atlantic. Some of its products are notecards, gift cards, stickers, letterheads, minicards, flyers, and accessories.

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About MOO

The company is acknowledged to be one of UK’s “earlier successful startups” by TechCrunch but this goes beyond the proverbial “beginner’s luck” for the London company. With a rapid growth annually, it is one of the fastest growing print businesses in the world right from the time it appeared on the scene. MOO produces millions of prints monthly having a customer reach in over 200 countries across the world. Due to its almost instant breakthrough, it has scooped a lot of international awards like the Webby with features on Financial Times and the Guardian Newspaper.

Brand Background

It all started in 2004 when a not-so-experienced entrepreneur and printer Richard Moross established a platform for His own turned out to be a case of passion and dedication getting the better of experience. Pleasure Cards was the initial name of the startup but progression was slow. He devised the market strategy of re-branding and that paid off. In 2006 he launched MOO and its success was largely owned to slick print products online. Shortly it made a bold move by acquiring the all of’s assets, a platform that helps people to create online personal profiles similar to what MOO does. He partnered with Wee World and winning incredible investments from around the world. Flickr, Etsy, LinkedIn, and YouTube is among its long list of partners. With a dynamic workforce and a flexible operational base, the company grew. 2015 was a phenomenal year for MOO as it secured a £3 million investment from Barclays. And with an awesome customer service and a good company culture, it does not look like setting foot off the gas yet.

Shopping on MOO

With the combination of style, value, and function, delivers the shopping experience suited for your satisfaction. Asides a large catalog of beautiful cards and stickers, personalized products can be ordered tailored to your preference. And whether it’s a premium double-sided 50 Business Cards from £13.19 to the gold standard paper quality of 60gsm called Luxe for 50 cards from £24.95, there are special deals for everyone and even exclusive ones for students- 15% off excluding gift cards and shipping costs. Also, just so you know what you’re about to order, a full product description page is displayed just before check out.

Product Sizes

Moo’s products come in different shapes and dimensions. The business card size is 84mm by 55mm and the artwork size comes in 88mm by 59mm. The minicards appear in a 70mm by 28mm card size and a 74mm by 32mm horizontal artwork size. For the postcard dimensions, it comes in a small 105 by 148 mm and a medium size of 127 by 178mm. The site can be navigated for further sizes. You can as well send your own size specification to the customer service in case you want a personalized design.

Returns, Reprints, and Refunds

If an order arrives but it’s not what is expected, you are to contact the support team for how this can be fixed. In the case of a missing item among the pack delivered, it can be sorted out by reaching the support team too. The company, however, reserves the right to accept a returned product or not. Moo will like to solve every problem that arises as soon as possible for customers’ satisfaction even though a refund is possible.

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