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Papa johns offers
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Papa Johns offers

Papa john’s pizza is the largest pizza company in the UK, not even in the UK only, but also in the world, with more than 250 Papa John's stores in the UK for over 40 years, Papa John's Works smart and past, with many outstanding features. Many pizza restaurants are using frozen cheese, but in papa john’s pizza only fresh cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes just hours after picking are used. Never frozen!, in addition to that it also provides a discount for student, Online Ordering, mobile ordering and is Made Quick and Easy.

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About Papa Johns

John Schnatter is the founder of Papa john’s; John baked his first pizzas back in 1972 for the customers in his father’s tavern in Indiana. In 1985 start his own restaurant – the very first Papa John’s. Now John was able to put his idea of building a better pizza chain – one that's focused on quality – into action.

In 1986, Papa John's sold its first establishment (eatery #9) to Roger and Scott Roelofs in Fern Creek, Kentucky which is as yet working today. By 1991, the 100th restaurant was opened in Clarksville, Tennessee. In 1994, Papa John's opened its 500th restaurant. By 1999, the 2000th restaurant opened and the organization topped $1 billion in framework wide restaurant deals. In 1995 ranked tenth by Forbes in List of the Nations 200 Best Small Companies. In 1997, interestingly Papa John's is positioned #1 in general consumer loyalty and item quality among national pizza chains, in Restaurants and Institutions' Choice in Chains review. 

In 2001, Papa John's turns into the main pizza fasten to offer online ordering at all traditional restaurants. That prodded real development and by 2008, Papa John's topped $1 billion in e-trade deals and its first $1 million in versatile web orders. By 2010, this detonated to $2 billion in U.S. e-trade deals. In 2006, for the seventh successive year, Papa John's was evaluated #1 in consumer loyalty among all brisk administration restaurants in the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

 In 2010, Papa John's Becomes Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, pizza might be America's most loved diversion time nourishment. Amid the Super Bowl alone more than 4.5 million pizzas are devoured by clients of the main chains. 

Today over 4,700 restaurants around the world, including more than 1,200 universal restaurants in 37 nations and domains. Much thanks to you, our esteemed clients, for once again voting us #1 in customer satisfaction in 2014.

With a solid reputation of advanced "firsts" that have made ordering simple for customers, Papa John's has made a computerized encounter that customers cherish. The digital and mobile channels now represent more than 50 percent of Papa John's aggregate U.K. deals (conveyance and carry out), making us the first in the business to outperform this point of reference! 

Indeed, even after more than 30 years, what makes Papa John's diverse is our drive to be the best. We keep on making interests in our elements for our clients and remain consistent with our vision — Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.

Online Ordering

To make an order online you have to create an account, you can spare Faves and the site will recall your conveyance store and past orders. Your own data is securely put away in your profile, so it's a snap to upgrade individual data, include new MasterCard and the sky is the limit from there. 

To order online, simply add things to your cart, tweak them simply the way you like them, then utilize the simple checkout prepare. You will receive affirmations email that incorporates every one of the points of interest of your order.


Delivery Agents only carry up to £10 in change, payment must be in £ sterling.

The following forms of payment are accepted:



Credit / Charge cards: Visa and MasterCard are accepted

Debit Cards, such as Delta or Switch are accepted

Cancellation of orders

Orders may be canceled in full up to 45 minutes before the start of the delivery window selected. We will endeavor to issue a refund to your credit card account within 7-10 working days.


Papa John's offers a Free Delivery service to many urban areas throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. Each store has a limited delivery area. 

The Papa john’s site navigation is well located, and easy to find and use, a visitor can tell at-first-glance what the company does. It’s pretty clear on arriving at this homepage what the site is about and what the company does. Papa johns protect the privacy of your personal information on the website.

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