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Thorntons Vouchers is the official Thorntons Chocolate online shop, offering a wide selection of quality, hand-made chocolates and gifts. Thorntons has been making chocolates for over a hundred years, and it's no wonder why the company name carries the highest respect from the industry at large. Offering most any kind of chocolate one could desire, from dark to mil to white chocolates, toffees and confections, Thorntons is now and has been, a staple of craft chocolates.

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About Thorntons

Founded in 1911 by Joseph William Thornton, the store was opened in Sheffield and entrusted to his son, Norman. Joseph had little hope in the store becoming sustaining for himself and his family, it was a dream built on passion, and thus, he kept his day job, took 14 year old Norman out of school and began grooming him to take over ownership. On the first day of the store opening, Joseph handed the keys to his fourteen year old son and told him to make it the best Chocolate shop in the city. Over 100 years later, that is exactly what Norman did. 

In 1917, Joseph William Thornton became ill and died in 1919, leaving the chocolate creation and ownership to his son, Norman. Norman’s younger brother, Stanley, obtained a scholarship to Sheffield College but split his time between school and running the store. In the 1920’s the brothers consolidated their two shops into an LTD and, by the 1970s, the Thornton brand operated over ninety shops. 

A true Family business and success story, the brand made its image on unique combinations of flavor and novel names for each candy. That, coupled with superior craftsmanship sent the company on a successful track to the future. Currently, Thorntons operates over two hundred and twenty eight shops and still adhere to the traditional standard of using only the best cocoa beans and making every chocolate by hand.

Pricing and Products

Thorntons offers the highest quality chocolates. Their products range in price from less than a dollar per chocolate to over fifty dollars. There options include personalized chocolates, chocolate boxes, chocolate models, chocolate bags, chocolate bars and personalized boxes.  

Best Sellers

Among the vast selection of tasty treats offered on, the best sellers include, Milk Chocolate Classic Collection Box, Pudding Collection Box, Dark Chocolate Classic Collection Box, Dark Chocolate Gingers Ballotin, Fruit Collection Box, Strawberry Dream Bag, Rum Truffles Bag, Liquorice Special Toffee Bag, Caramel Truffle Bar, Turkish Delight Bar, Assorted Special Toffee Box, Vanilla Fudge Box, Milk Chocolate Brazils Ballotin, and Bag of Coffee Cream Chocolates. Also, Truffles, Alphabet Truffles, Continental Viennese Favorites, Bag of Viennese Chocolates, 

Best selling truffles include; Bag of Marc De Champagne Truffles, Champagne Lovers Hamper, Bag of Vanilla Truffle Chocolates, Bag of Rum Truffles, Chocolate Liqueur & Truffles Hamper, Marc De Champagne Chocolate Truffles, Irresistible Belgian Chocolate Truffles, Viennese Chocolate Bar, and Caramel Truffle Chocolate Bar.       


The website offers many delivery option and offers free standard delivery on all UK orders. However, packages that contain alcoholic items and flowers are subject to additional fees due to the fragile nature of the products. Delivery is estimated to arrive between 3 to 5 days from the order date and is carried out by Hermes. 

Next Day Deliveries are delivered by Parcel force and will be sent between 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, deliveries will be made between 7:00am and 2:00pm. Next Day deliveries must be ordered before 4pm Monday through Friday, seeing as orders placed after this time, or on a Saturday or Sunday, will not be delivered until the following Tuesday from the order date.


The Thornton online interface is easy to use and clean. On the homepage, users see four options at the top of the page. One can choose between navigating to Chocolates, Gifts & Occasions, Personalized and Our Shops. No busy banners or pop-up ads, the Thornton website offers an easy to navigate interface for customers.

To Be Brief offers a wide selection of products, Chocolates and Truffles. Chocolates are no good if they don't taste good, but, Thornton Chocolates have achieved great success and respect by providing the highest quality, handmade chocolates in the industry. Depending on your order size and quantity, users get free shipping and their team of customer service personnel are always working for the betterment of the user's order at large. A trusted and time trialed company which continues to lead the way in the industry.

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