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TomTom Vouchers

Originally a Dutch based start-up company, TomTom (International BV) is now a multi-national brand, boasting over 4,600 employees worldwide. Its online website is the main channel of communication for business, especially its customers who are very familiar with the brand and its products. It is now practically a household name.

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About TomTom

The founders of the company are still committed to its original cause and claim that their main focus is still on “helping people achieve their goals”. Tomtom now works from 58 offices in 35 countries worldwide. Sales records continue to soar as shares are listed on the FTSE. 

1991 was the year this company saw vast development in satellite navigation technology that changed auto travel for drivers all over the globe. As the main focus for Tomtom was to make their technology accessible for everyone, they began with software development for business-to-business.

Mobile applications and personal digital assistants (PDAs) for consumers was also a priority and within two years, TomTom was the new market leader in PDA software. Navigation applications were a huge part of this as “EnRoute” (later renamed “RoutePlanner”) and “Citymaps” are now basically the calling card for the company.

After the extremely successful launch of the TomTom Navigator, a highly experienced hardware team were at the ready to take on new challenges. Not only does the company now have a wide range of new products, but they are excelling in technology across a much wider range of products. 

When visiting the site, it can be a little daunting upon first glance due to the array of information. Being so well known however, it is hoped that visitors and buyers alike would know at least some information in advance on what Tomtom has to offer as a brand. 

The homepage for hints directly at a “Get Going” link, which includes a picture image of their latest fitness tracker. As the fitness industry itself continues to boom, it’s of no surprise the Tomtom have now cornered this area of the market.

2013 saw the company launch its own branded GPS Sport Watches to help runners, cyclists and swimmers (to name but a few) keep moving towards their fitness goals. All of these models provide a variety of performance information at-a-glance and after opting to “Get Going” on their main page, slick and simplistic picture icons are offered so each user can click on their desired sport and see what technology can do to lend a helping hand. 

This current centre of focus is labelled “Tomtom Sports” and their fitness watches sync into various devices. Each outdoor sports watch is branded by name and colour, making it personal for the buyer and affording almost any option. 

All information is neatly provided for each and every product on the website with handy YouTube video show casing them in action. Users must set up an account with the site to make online product purchases which all come with a full warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. 

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