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Wowcher Discount Codes

The Site is operated by Wowcher Limited. Registered in England and Wales and with an office at Wowcher Towers, 12-27 Swan Yard, London. Registration on the site is open to people from age 18 years and above resident in the UK and Only one registration per person is allowed. features a number of new deals each day - such as 40% off a service or £100 worth of credit to spend at a top restaurant for £60.Things to be done and great products on sale are featured on a daily basis, all at amazing prices.

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Wowcher which offers location specific discount voucher was founded as a vouchering website by Nick Brummit in 2009 with his daughters Nikki and Karis and was later sold to Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) in 2011 and was later merged with US rival Living Social in a new company owned by a private equity firm named Exponent is a private equity firm investing in UK headquartered businesses and it is located at 12 Henrietta Street London.

Shopping on wowcher

Getting Unbeatable deals on quality products and services.

Wowcher uses bulk buying power to benefit consumers. A number of new deals are featured everyday ranging from things to be done to products that are on sale in various cities in the UK. To purchase a wowcher the consumer browses from the featured deals and if interested in it purchases a wowcher, a wowcher code is issued once the deal is over and the instructions on the wowcher is used to redeem the wowcher code with the merchant. Instead of redeeming the wowcher with the merchant it may be redeemed towards another deal or redeemed for Wowcher Wallet Credit.

Wowcher Wallet

The “Wowcher Wallet” is where any credit that may have been awarded for use on Site will be found. The current balance in the Wowcher Wallet and the historical can be viewed by logging into the “My Account” page. Credit in the Wowcher Wallet will expire at midnight on the expiry date set out in either the Voucher or in the communication awarding the credit or if no date is set out when the credit was awarded, at midnight 3 months from the date of the communication of the credit been awarded.

Activity and product listing

The available activities and products are listed in various categories for easy navigation on the site. It ranges from locals, restaurants, stuffs for children, Travel, Fashion & Jewellery, Beauty, electronics and so on. And deals can also be created by retailers and businesses for the Wowcher and Living Social sites.

Mobile phone app

Wowcher can be carried all around because of the presence of the wowcher mobile app for androids and smartphones. The wowcher free app is easy to use and make purchases, the user can browse through series of discounted products and service, buy a deal and redeem them at their own convenience. And there is a reward with royalty points for deals shared with friends and family on social media.

Delivery Information

Once a deal is over a wowcher code is sent to the email address of partakers on the deal and it can be redeemed with the purchase of the item at the designated location.

Cancelling a Voucher Contract

A Voucher Contract can be cancelled without giving any reason within fourteen days from the day after the day the Voucher was received and the brand must be informed of the decision to cancel the contract in a clear statement provided that it have not been redeemed in any way. The Site also allows users to earn cash back on tracked purchases from retailers which can either be used on the Site or you can retrieve as cash although with given conditions.

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